Husband, Wife, and Other Woman: With whom will you stand?

Leila Miller wrote and excellent blog post titled Husband, Wife, and Other Woman: With whom will you stand?

It is a very thought provoking entry about Catholic teaching. As a practicing Catholic, I admit that I struggle with the fact that decrees of nullity are too easily granted. Most devout Christians believe as Catholics do, divorce is NOT an option except for Biblical grounds, which I will not discuss further here.

I found this piece hit close to home, as my ex-spouse’s family definitely jumped on the other woman band wagon– even allowing her to stay with him in their home while he was still married to me! Yes, you read that last sentence correctly– my ex’s family embraced the other woman WHILE HE WAS STILL MARRIED TO ME and took her into their homes. Boy did THAT sting!

I had always assumed, at the very least, his family was made up of semi-practicing Catholics. I mean, we all fall short, I know—but I assumed on the BIG things they would at least TRY to be examples of the Catholic faith for their own children and grandchildren.

I digress, Leila’s article hits close to home. Unfortunately, what has happened to my family is all too common in this fallen world. Original Sin. Free will.

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