It’s Very Difficult

I have started several blog posts and have found that it is very difficult to complete them. As I start writing and remembering it all, I am flooded with emotion, first and foremost. Second, I wonder, “Who on earth wants to read this drama!?”

It’s a long tale of emotional abuse from the very beginning of our relationship. In recent years, the abuse continued and I was forced to file police report after police report. It has slowed now that he and the harlot have moved to another state, but it is still not gone completely.

A woman was murdered by her husband in my local town in the last few days, and my first thought was, “How many times did she reach out to the police and/or file a police report!?”

Like my therapist reminds me, “You are not divorced from someone, you are divorced to them.” I’ll eventually get the words to blog and post them. It really is hard to push the “publish” button sometimes.

If you have gone through an emotionally abusive relationship, you are not alone. It’s one of the reasons I decided to blog about my experience–to let women know they are not alone. I thought it might help others and bring healing to me.

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