These Heels are Made for Walking

Just kidding! These heels were not made for walking! Y’all, I confess that I cannot walk in heels. It wasn’t a gift that God gave me. I struggle to walk in good old tennis shoes, much less heels. I have always loved heels, in theory. They look great on other woman as they seem to glide across the floor with ease. Me? I never learned how to stiletto. I stumble, trip and have nightmares that I’ll fall going up the aisle to receive Holy Communion– and it would be so embarrassing that I’d have to find another church.

A friend of mine has a great Facebook group called Fit for Heels where she posts some amazing pictures of her heels. She rocks the art of shoefies! In fact, I didn’t even know what a shoefie was until she started her group.

Some of the friends I met through DivorceCare rock their heels, too. Because they all sport some amazing heels, I’ve started finding myself wanting to wear heels. All these friends tell me that I can learn to walk in heels and I decided to give it a whirl.

Since I am going through a mid-life recreation, I figured, why not!? I went to the store and got these babies on sale. I Googled, “How to tell if high heels fit properly” and chose to bring the beige pair home. I really liked the black pair, but according to Google, they don’t fit properly. So I didn’t buy those.

Currently, I’m practicing and can barely walk around the house. I look like a toddler trying to walk in her mother’s heels. I take that back, toddlers do a better job, but I’m determined to learn! My friend over at Steel-Toed Stilettos blog promises that I WILL get the hang of it, even at the age of 50. She even offered to give me lessons if I need them.

This is going to be a fun adventure!

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