Identity Theft

One year ago this month, I had enough. I took all the evidence, bills and my computer down to the police station. For 18 months repeat attempts to hack into my accounts continued over and over again. Bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, social media, on and on. Several times a month. I had to have a new debit card issued for my bank account and a new credit card issued for my MasterCard account. In the beginning, I thought it was just a random coincidence. It happens, right? I didn’t think that he or his paramour could have done it all.

I was in the middle of refinancing my home last year and rushed home after work to print and scan documents the loan officer needed from me. I tried accessing my email to send them, nothing. Checked internet connection. Reset internet connection. Nothing. I called my middle son and he walked me through everything and said, “Mom, it seems like the modem and everything is working just fine. You’ll have to call the internet company.” I was working LONG 10-12 hours days and it was almost 11 pm. I called the internet company and they told me, “Ma’am, you called three days ago to disconnect your service.” I replied, “No, I did NOT call to disconnect my service!” The man on the other end of the phone said, “You verified it with your social security number.” I almost fell over.

“You must be mistaken,” I said, “I never called to disconnect my service.” “Ma’am, you have to verify it with your social security number, you shut off your service.” I almost lost it. Over an hour later, internet restored, I was able to email the documents. It was a nightmare. They still had the equipment assigned to the old account, started a new account and it took them over an hour to get the old equipment set to my new account. I had to pay two bills that month and got reset to a new billing date, too. The ONLY person who knows my SSN is my ex. His harlot had access to it because he moved all of the financial documents to her house when he left.

It was very difficult to process that anyone would do this to another person. My therapist reminds me often that my mind understands it, but my heart will take time. I couldn’t understand why he (or she) would continue to mess with me after leaving. I still cannot comprehend it, but then again, I still cannot comprehend leaving the spouse you vowed “for better, for worse, sickness, health….until death,” either.

In the 18 months after he left, fake Facebook, Twitter, and Google profiles were set up in my name. Facebook is the best about removing fake accounts, in case you were wondering. Google literally doesn’t give a rat’s patootie nor does Twitter. The day after the police spoke to my ex about the nude video he took of me someone tried to hack into my Facebook account multiple times (I did not know he possessed a nude video until he emailed me stating he had one–I NEVER consented). This attempt to hack my social media, like the gun incident, was done in order to cause me anxiety. I know it. He was angry that I filed a police report about the nude videos and he was trying to retaliate.

The police were really kind, as usual. They let me know that tis sort of thing is very common after divorce–deranged people do deranged things. They made a report and gave me tips on how to double authenticate my accounts and I now have PINs in place to verify accounts instead of my SSN and the accounts are flagged not to shut off service without verifying at my known phone number, as well. I am happy to report that it has been one year since filing that police report and not even one account has been hacked! Definitely not a coincidence!

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