Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

Church today was hard. Oh, so hard. Father called up a couple who is celebrating their 25th anniversary. Yep. Boom.

He mentioned the “unbreakable bond of marriage” ooops….. my ex didn’t get that memo. The couple today held out their rings, the sign of their unbreakable bond, held hands and father said a prayer. Then he asked all of us to extend our hands to pray over the couple.

I admit that my prayer was probably different than anyone else’s in attendance. I am not sure what my son prayed as we sat there in church, but I prayed, “Dear Lord, don’t let him find a whore and leave the marriage. After 25 years, let them hold onto each other and remember their vows. For better, worse, sickness, health…until death. Let them weather the storms of marriage and be faithful, Amen.”

God can handle my prayer. It may not sound like it, but it actually came from the heart. Twenty-four years of dealing with each other and my wasband left. Twenty-four years of dealing with each other’s best and worst. Just when life was going to calm down (read: no more homeschool kids in the home) he exited the marriage.

When other women (or men) are involved, it makes it impossible to repair the broken relationship. During DivorceCare, we learned that unless the person with the lover agrees to stop seeing their lover, the marriage cannot be repaired. That seems obvious, right? With a lover and the allure of the new love, it makes it easier for the cheater to leave, discard his deeply held beliefs and go on to file for divorce.

Congrats to the happily married couple– they have stayed married through it all. In today’s world, that is a miracle. I always thought my ex and I would grow old together and stay together until death, but like over 50% of marriages, ours ended in divorce.

2 thoughts on “Twenty-Fifth Anniversary”

  1. mine left After 32 years. He was raised catholic I joined church 24 years ago at his request. He hasn’t attended church more than three times a year for 15 years. Now he has the Filipino girlfriend and they attend mass together. Today they crossed the church during communion to pass my daughter and I. there he is with his hand on her son’s shoulder all proud as he can be. breaks my daughter’s heart. we have 6 sons and 4 daughters 13 grandchildren. yet he acts like her sons are his little princes. It’s terrible what these men do in their own selfish minds.

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  2. So sad! Mine wouldn’t walk over to my children. He would call them as soon as they walked out the door. He is now out of state and we are free to enjoy Mass without him. My one son didn’t like the calls so we went to another church for a while.


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