Y’all, flamingoing is a thing. We came home from the hospital and found this:

We laughed so hard. The pink flamingos are so bright that we could see them from down the street. Correction, the flamingos and a monkey.

I asked on social media what it could possibly mean. A Google search told me it could be a fundraiser or a prank. Another site mentioned flamingos being a sign that the occupants are “swingers”. I’m definitely not a swinger. I can’t even find one suitable male to go on a date with and even if I was able to find that suitable man, I’d never be a swinger! Ha!

I found a place for a few of the flamingos on my back deck. I love these guys. They add a little pizzazz to my decor! New Orleans shabby chic! (Is that how you say it?) ❤️💕❤️💕💜💙

Life is fun and it’s way too short not to laugh. I had one guy comment that the person who did this should be charged with trespassing. Really? This is hysterical! He also said if it was a fundraiser it bordered on extortion–another really!? moment there. I think it would be a great fundraiser. Who doesn’t like pink flamingos?

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