Broken Promises

It no longer hurts that he broke his vows, but sometimes when I run across memories, there’s a small twinge before it’s gone for good. As I read what he wrote on the Valentine’s Day card, I felt pity today.

This was written during the two years that my mother died, my dad was hospitalized and the boys had 14 surgeries between them. When he gave it to me, I believed him. Boy, was I a fool!!!

Today when I read it, I know better. I pity the woman he’s with because if they end up vowing “until death”, does it mean anything the second time around when the dude you are marrying walked out on his first marriage? This was written after 22 plus years of marriage and I thought as I read it today, “I am committed to you [until I’m not],” “I love you [until I don’t],” “Just know I’ll be here [until I’m not],” “Love [not really],” ….

This is why I think I’ll always have trust issues. If a man can stay married for 24 years, write CRAP like this after 22…..I don’t know that I can trust anyone who says the same. That’s the last hurdle of healing I need to jump…being able to trust again.

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