Gardening with My Jeep

I’m sure you can relate. Foundation plantings are something it seems most people get wrong. My home is no exception with its 20 trees and shrubs on two sides of the house. I fixed that, however.

At some point before I moved in 14 years ago, trees, boxwoods, Forsythia, shrubs and even peonies (that died once other plants became full-size) were planted along the foundation on two sides of my house. Forsythia just keeps coming back! I cut the boxwoods back every year, but in the last several years, the Star Magnolia and an evergreen cedar tree crowded them.

This weekend, I cut 5 shrubs from under one evergreen tree that I will dig up in the next few weeks. I cut back another tree to expose the trunk I need to cut to the ground. I also pulled two forsythia and the 5 remaining boxwoods using my Jeep and a tow strap. It was Awesome! Having a Jeep with a tow package certainly comes in handy. I yanked the rootballs right out of the ground.

It looks SO much better. I’m looking forward to planting the English garden I’ve always wanted.

The finished product! I love it!

Most of what I cut or pulled up. I still need to cut one tree into smaller pieces to get it to the curb.

One of the trimmed boxwoods I pulled up using a tow strap

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