Life is Good. Paint is Cheap.

I’ve lived in this house for 14 1/2 years. The not-so-formal dining room has been red since I moved here. It was time to change the color!

Bulky item pick up starts September 2. That’s the impetus for my changing the whole room and the color. Before my middle son went back to school this week, he helped me carry nasty, old chairs and broken shelves to the driveway. Next weekend, I’ll bring them all to the curb.

Today was the perfect rainy day to paint. Here are the before and after pictures. Well, not the before, before with the old crappy chairs or the before, before, before with the dining room furniture he took. A friend bought a cute table and chair set off of FB marketplace (I bought it) and I got cheap furniture at Hobby Lobby and Target. It feels so great to get my stuff off the floor and out of boxes.

I love the blue and my used, inexpensive furniture!❤️

Here you go:

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